About Reinforce

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What is Reinforce

Reinforce is a self advocacy organization for people with an intellectual disability. Reinforce is here to assist, support and encourage independence for people with an intellectual disability. Reinforce promotes the rights of people with an intellectual disability to be upheld in the same way as everyone else in the community.

Reinforce provides training, resources, lobbies government, holds forums, and promotes socialising and networking. Reinforce is run almost entirely be volunteers.


Reinforce was started in 1981 and is the longest running self advocacy group in Victoria. Over the years Reinforce has been involved in many campaigns and activities which promote the rights of people with an intellectual disability. In 1982 Reinforce members were activists in the Drummond St squat. This involved lobbying for the refurbishment of a house to be used for accommodation.

We have been in the forefront of the movement to close institutions. We were a founding member of People First Australia. Members of Reinforce have been keynote speakers at many conferences, addressed schools, colleges and universities as well as being members on State Government advisory bodies.

The History Project have developed a book Reinforce Self Advocacy Speaking Up over the Years Reinforce-final-23-10-13-JF

Reinforce Today

Reinforces current activities include advocacy, education, training and lobbying for the rights of people with an intellectual disability in all areas of their lives.

We currently offer self advocacy training for the many people who have not heard of or had the chance to be involved in self advocacy. We also advise government, present at conferences and do public speaking. We produce resources including videos, books and training kits. We welcome people to drop in to Reinforce and borrow our resources, talk to us or join our organization.

Reinforce acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.