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Self Advocacy Matters!

On Wednesday the 19th of October 2022, Victorian Self Advocacy Network and Reinforce ran a CONFERENCE!

It was called Self Advocacy Matters.

It was a conference run BY people with disability FOR people with disability. Watch the video below!

Positive Powerful Parents

Positive Powerful Parents is a Self Advocacy Group run by and for Parents with Intellectual Disability. You can find out more about this self-advocacy group here!

Positive Powerful Parents has made some imortant videos.

This video is about Safe Story Sharing. Watch the video below!

Great advice – thanks Positive Powerful Parents!

Top 5 Tips to become a Strong Self Advocate

Reinforce has made a new video.

It’s all about speaking up and having your voice heard! The video was made by filmmaker Iain Soumitri and Reinforce self advocates. Have a watch below!

New Video – Healthy Discussions!

Reinforce worked with Office of Public Advocate to make a new video.

The video has lots of great tips for doctors and health workers. It has great advice on how to listen and support patients with disability. Have a watch below!

Welcome to Reinforce Office

Here are some older videos Reinforce has made. Please enjoy!

The Drummond Street Ballad

The Happy Song


  • Self Advocates tell their stories – A book featuring the life stories of self advocates
  • Help me to tell the truth – A young mans experience of abuse and his struggle to be heard
  • Reinforce-final-23-10-13-JF – the history of Self Advocacy in Victoria


  • Friends – friends meet in a coffee shop and learn about self advocacy groups
  • Greetings from Reinforce – Reinforce members talk about Reinforce and Self Advocacy
  • Meetings tapes – made in the “80’s these DVD’s teach about holding meetings
  • Spreading the Word – four short DVD’s talking about choices in accommodation, recreation services and work
  • Finding my feet – a young woman makes her own choices and decisions in life
  • Assertiveness – 2 DVD’s that show short stories of people learning to speak up for themselves
  • My House My Home My Rights in a CRU – A DVD for training people in supported accomodation about their rights
  • Meetings 2013 – This DVD is a newer version of how to run meetings

Looking for something?

Reinforce has a collection of training resources and handouts.

If you are interested in our resources, please contact us! Click here to contact us.

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