Melbourne through the Eyes of a Friend

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This film tells the story of the self advocacy group Reinforce as they work to make visible the needs of people with intellectual disability in Victoria, Australia

            Reinforce thanks the Melbourne City Council for their grant to launch our innovative and exciting project…Melbourne through the Eyes of a Friend

Reinforce have been long running pioneers of change and most recently produced a successful album of original self advocacy songs with their members and friends called No Strangers Here see 

Melbourne through the Eyes of a Friend was borne out of making change happen though the concept and evidence based model of ‘creative advocacy’

Reinforce members and friends will raise awareness via creative mediums of issues faced by people with an Intellectual Disability(ID) including the canvasing of their self advocacy profile & what makes Melbourne special to them.

This project will culminate in a photographic & short film exhibition in collaboration with local businesses/photographers/filmmakers & musicians to promote diversity and inclusion.

If you would like to know more please contact: The Reinforce crew on email: or phone: 03 9650 7855

Or see our Facebook page: 

SAVE THE DATE November 28th to December 1st, 2017 Melbourne through the Eyes of a Friend Exhibition & Film Launch @ Ross House

Reinforce would like to thank the following people and businesses for their support during this project we really appreciate your help and would highly recommend you to anyone

Reinforce Members and friends

New Wave Members


Jenny, Tony, Ellie, Bee, Nellie and Terry

Terry Melvin Film productions

Melbourne through the Eyes of a Friend Project Workers Sally & Pam

The Self Advocacy Resource Centre

Melbourne City Council

Hon. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle

Metro Access Worker Peter Whelan

Ross House

Degraves Lane Cafes

Melbourne Through The Eyes of a Friend Song

Vocals and Music Jenny Ellison (Jenny Ellison Entertainment)

Lyrics  by Reinforce & Sally de Beche

Recorded and Engineered by Andrew McSweeney & Callum Barter,Living Music studios