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Below are links to other groups that have information about Self Advocacy or disability rights:

Action for Community Living – ACL is a federally funded organisation advocating empowerment, independence and life in the community for people with disabilities

AMIDA – Action for More Independence & Dignity in Accommodation         

ChangeUK –– people with learning disabilities working for equal rights

Disability Advocacy Resource Unit – DARU is a statewide service run by and for people with disabilities

Self Advocacy Resource Unit – Resourcing Self Advocate groups across Victoria

STAR Victoria – STAR is an independent community organisation that advocates on a statewide basis for the rights of people with an intellectual disability and their families

Villamanta Disability Legal Service –  Villamanta is a Victorian Community Legal Centre that works only on disability related legal issues. 

Act Resources Guide — The Act Resources Guide gives information about the Victorian Disability Act 2006